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    • The Heart of Power

      Posted in Speeches on Jan 25, 2017

      25 January 2017 Message for Asia Women’s Summit, Asia CEO Events, Marriott Hotel It’s an honor to be around so many amazing women, and to be joined as well by the wonderful men who support us. I’m sure that this has been an exciting day so far, full of insight and inspiration. Being part of


    • Engaging The Youth Through Service-Learning

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      20 January 2017 Keynote Speech at the Association of Catholic Universities of the Philippines 2017 National Conference, Aquinas University, Legazpi City For some Filipinos, we won the fight for democracy thirty years ago. It is a thing of the past, a legacy borne out of an outdated revolution. The battle cry of an older generation.


    • Ating Pangalagaan, Mga Pamana ng Nakaraan

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      16 January 2017 Mensahe para sa Sentenaryo ng Pagsasarili ng Bayan ng Bustos, Sesquisentenaryo ng Pagkakatatag ng Pueblo de Bustos at ika-Pitong Taon ng Minasa Festival, Bulacan Military Area Park, Bayan ng Bustos, Bulacan Isang mainit na pagbati po sa inyong lahat! Nagagalak po akong makiisa at makisalo sa inyong pagdiriwang ng natatanging sentenaryo ng


    • Stewards of Peace

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      13 January 2017 17th EDSOR Peace Congress EDSA Ortigas Consortium of Schools (EDSOR) delivered on 10 January 2017 First of all, I would like to congratulate the organizers of this Congress for your excellent work. Sister Irene was telling me earlier that you started this early on, in the 90s, after the EDSA Revolution. I


    • The Role Of The Youth In Building Our Nation Through Business

      Posted in Speeches on Jan 12, 2017

      12 January 2017 Keynote Speech at UP Business League’s National Youth Business Convention, Philippine Trade Center, Pasay City It gives me great joy and pride to address young men and women during special occasions like this. It is during this most important season of your life when you discover what you want to stand up