Trust in the Vice President rose by 11 percent from April to June 2019, according to a survey recently conducted. 

The trust in VP Leni significantly rose in several demographics. Her trust received a 10 percent increase among all male respondents and 11 points among women. Trust in her also rose across all ages, the highest being 17% among Filipinos aged 25 – 34 and 15% among Filipinos aged 55-64.

Furthermore, VP Leni, who has been implementing programs to raise the lives of Filipinos in the margins, received a 20 percent increase among Filipinos in rural areas.

The camp of VP Leni has expressed their gratitude for the increase in trust in the Vice President. Vice Presidential Spokesperson Barry Gutierrez said: “This will serve as an inspiration for VP Leni to work harder to raise the lives of every Filipino.”

The April survey called Pulso ng Bayan based its results from likely voters in the 2019 Senatorial Elections while the June survey called Ulat ng Bayan based its results on adult Filipinos. Both surveys were conducted by Pulse Asia.