The Vice President was in La Union for an event.

At 6:30 pm, she attended the 61stInduction Ceremony of the Rotary Club of San Fernando, La Union, Inc. (RCSFLU INC.) in Hotel Ariana, Bauang. 

In her speech, the Vice President emphasized how good leadership is about working together and empowering each other for nation-building. “I, too, believe that with power and privilege, we should have done more to improve lives. We could have pushed harder for inclusivity. But the answers to our problems lie not in the hands of one person or group. The promise of transformative change is best fulfilled if we all do our part.At a time when anger, hate, and discontent have brought out the worst in us as a people, the work that you do as Rotarians reminds us all that hope is not lost. For many years, the Rotary Club has become a steadfast seedbed for countless changemakers: from corporate leaders to public servants, from the smallest unit of government to the highest positions of power. The values that you espouse are values that we need greatly in our world today.”