Vice President Leni Robredo is calling on Filipinos to be kind, amid the frustrations brought by the upsetting results of the midterm elections.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, May 15, VP Leni asked supporters: “Let us not resort to name-calling, demeaning our fellow Filipinos that—at this most crucial time—are the ones we need to reach out to [and] connect with all the more.”

While she understood that the results of the polls “are not easy to accept,” Robredo underscored that the fight “is not yet over,” with many challenges expected ahead, after opposition bets failed to make it in the winning circle of the senatorial race.

“In the last couple of days, I know that many of us have felt overwhelmed by frustration, disappointment, and even anger. We have worked hard and fought against all odds for our motherland, and in the face of all that sacrifice and effort, the results of the elections and the numbers we are seeing so far are not easy to accept,” she wrote. 

“But it is in these difficult moments when we must pass our biggest test. To be generous when we feel empty. To be hopeful when we feel lost. To be humble instead of looking for someone to blame,” she added.

VP Leni also said that the battle “has just begun.”

“[T]his is the time for us to show our greatest strengths, never to be clouded by our greatest fears,” she wrote.

One of the most active figures who campaigned for Otso Diretso, Robredo has said she was “realistic but optimistic” about the results of the race—drawing strength from the groundswell of support from ordinary Filipinos who were at the heart of the senatorial slate’s campaign.

Amid fears that dismal election results may be a source of frustration for volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly to introduce the candidates, she has said it is crucial for everyone behind this campaign to work together and continue fighting for the country’s institutions and values. 

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